A relaxing treatment individually applying silk extensions to each of your natural lashes. Carefully done by All About Beauty’s Lash Specialist Sara, who has over 10 years’ experience with lashes and has graduated with honours in Beauty Therapy.

Lash Extensions

Individual Standard

$95 (45min)

70 lashes per eye

Individual Volumising

$125 (1hr)

90+ lashes per eye

Lash extension removal

$40 (30min)

Top ups

$50-$80 (20-30min)

depending on how many lashes needed and how thick you’re wanting

Standard Extension Package

$130 (1hr 10min)

Standard extensions with eyebrow tint & shape

Volume Extension Package

$150 (1hr 20min)

Volume extensions with eyebrow tint & shape


Ensure you have absolutely no eye makeup on , the extensions wont last if there is any makeup or oil residue on your natural lashes. As you will be laying still for at least 30 mins it is best to avoid any caffeine or energy drinks beforehand. If you have had your lashes tinted please make sure they were done 2 days before getting the extensions applied. If you were thinking of having a spray tan this should be applied and then washed off beforehand.

If you are taking any medication such as fish oil or collagen or hair , skin, and nail supplements, be aware that they do increase the oil production in your skin and hair follicles which can result in your lash extensions not lasting as long as they should.


  • Avoid showering for at least 12hrs, be careful not to submerge you face under shower head.
  • Avoid going to the gym, saunas or spas and pools for at least 24hrs.
  • You must use oil free skincare, cleansers and makeup.
  • Avoid any rubbing or picking at the extensions
  • Be careful not to sleep on top of the extensions.
  • Avoid using mascara or curling tools.
  • Regularly brush your lashes to keep off any dust or makeup build up off them and to keep them looking nice and tidy.

    Elleebana Lash Lift

    Lash Lift

    $80 (40mins)

    Lash Lift with Lash Tint

    $95 (1hr)

    Lash Lift Package

    $125 (1.15hr)

    Lash lift, lash tint, eyebrow tint & shape

    I got eyelash extensions by Sara for my wedding – She was so great! They lasted perfectly for my day (1 week after my appointment) and I still have a few lashes in almost 6 weeks later! Sara was super friendly and did a fantastic job – definitely recommend! Sara Goodwin


    04 499 9399

    Appointment only from 10am daily


    Please note we have a late notice fee of 20% if you give us less than 12 hours’ notice of cancelling or rescheduling.