OPI Gel Nails 

OPI Gel Nails

Gel manicure 

$36.50 (30mins)


Gel removal and manicure application

$46.50 (45mins)

Gel pedicure

$50 (30mins)

Gel removal and pedicure application


French tip

$10 extra

Nail art

$10 extra

Gel removal and tidy up

$15 (10-15min )

I have been going to Sarah for at least two and a half years now. She is so particular, professional and perfect. the products she uses never cause irritation. Oh my goodness I had some terrible experiences previously with infections and pain. I’ve even had leading movie and magazine make-up artists compliment me on my lashes and THE WORK DONE. They always says they’ve been applied perfectly and the quality of materials are top grade. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Polly xxxx

Polly Gillespie


04 499 9399

Appointment only from 10am daily


Please note we have a late notice fee of 20% if you give us less than 12 hours’ notice of cancelling or rescheduling.